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MTV News prides itself on being fans of all types of music, but one of the genres that we needed a little bit of schooling in was reggae. So, we figured who better to ask about the culture then the offspring of arguably the most influential reggae artist of all time: Bob Marley's son, Ziggy!

"It's like a mantra, a constant rhythm and groove," says Ziggy when asked to definitely describe the 'sound' of reggae. "It repeats in a type of melodic mode."

Ziggy is a successful artist in his own right, releasing 6 solo albums since 2003. One thing we wanted to ask him about was whether or not there is a definitive look in the reggae culture for performers.

"The Rasta culture, which is the dreadlocks, and the [colours] red, green and yellow is really something that is separate then reggae, it's so dominant in reggae that people think reggae and the Rasta thing [is the same thing], but everybody has their own look and feel."

Is smoking marijuana still as prevalent in the culture as ever before?

"It's best known in reggae because we come from Jamaica, and again - my culture, the Rasta culture uses the plant as a sacrament, as a religious thing.


We use it for a lot of other thing than just smoking, a lot of people probably don't know. I grew up in a house with a lot of scorpions. So, if you got a scorpion bite one of the remedies is a bottle of alcohol, with marijuana leaf, pimento seed, and all sorts of herbs in it. It's a whole thing, not just smoking."

Lastly - who are reggae fans?

"Reggae fans are everyone, all age groups, all colours, the whole world are reggae fans, really. They love togetherness, they love peace, they love happiness.. and they love music."



For more from our chat with Ziggy Marley, catch the full interview below.


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